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Shifak Trade & Services Co. established in 1991 to work in supplies and services in Scientific, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary fields .
We provide high quality products and services to our customers in the following main areas:

Shifak is active in import & distribution of Pharmaceuticals, for Human and Veterinary use in addition to cosmetics and other healthcare products. Besides, shifak is considered as a leader in Sudan in supplies and services for scientific and medical laboratories.

In the above mentioned fields Shifak is associated with a good number of internationally reputable organizations and most of them are represented by Shifak exclusively as authorized distributor.

Shifak employs 34 persons in the different departments including pharmacists, engineers and technicians all are highly skillful and qualified.

Shifak is known as keen in development of technical and professional capabilities of its staff through continuous training inside Sudan and abroad. In addition Shifak provides a good working environment for creation and provision of high degree of job satisfaction


Mission Statement

At Shifak Trade & Services, we take pride in delivering unparalleled levels of service, which exceed our customers’ expectations year after year. Our years of knowledge and expertise set us apart from our competition in the quality of advice, products and services we offer.)