Medical Laboratory


Shifak is a pioneer distributor for Medical Laboratory Diagnostics, Instruments and equipment.

Shifak is known to have good non interrupted supply for diagnostics. Thanks to our tight cold chain and to our large cold store and stand by power generator which always allow us to keep good stock of dignostics and to always keep our products in good quality untill delivery to customer.

Shifak distribution networks covers all Sudan states including both government and private sector hospitals, pharmacies, health centers etc. Besides, Shifak is regular participant in almost all relevant tenders announced by both sectors.Shifak have good attendance and strong participation in all relevant events and exhibitions in this field.

This division is operated by 3 medical Lab specialists

  • University of Khartoum
  • University of Sudan for Science and Technology
  • University of Medical Science and Technology
  • Khartoum College for Medical Sciences
  • Omdurman Islamic University
  • Ahfad Univeristy
  • Omdurman Ahlia Univeristy
  • UN Organizations
  • Ribat Univeristy
  • University of Science and Technology
  • National Health Laboratory (Stack)
  • National Drug Quality Control
  • Laboratory Adminstration
  • Central Labs Suba

Shifak represent the following international companies as its exclusive distributor in Sudan:

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