Pharmaceutical Industry Supplies and Services


Since 1994 Shifak is supplying Local Pharmaceutical Industry with Pharmaceutical Machinery in addition to packaging material and other industry inputs

We have supplied almost all Pharmacy Colleges in Sudan with Pharma machines and instruments for teaching purposes and our machines and instruments are successfully assembled and efficiently operating .


  • Amipharma Laboratories
  • Wafrapharma Laboratories
  • Sigma Tau Sudan Pharmaceuticals
  • Marwa Pharmaceuticals
  • Elie Pharmaceuticals
  • Shanghai Sudan
  • Ein Sudan
  • A/Moneim Medical Industries (CIMA)
  • Humavet Drugs
  • Climax Pharmaceuticals
  • Citipharma Pharmaceuticals
  • Blue Nile Pharmaceuticals
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In this area Shifak represents the following internationally known manufacturers: